By 11. März 2024Bikes 'n' Parts

Who are you?

I am Gurvan, the French guy who crossed France from the far west, to the south, to come to Germany. 

What do you do at Trickstuff?

I am the development engineering at Trickstuff. I am in charge of the modelling and the drawings of all the parts, updates and new parts. As we are a small company, we help each other. I support Martin in testing the parts when necessary. Time to time I am also involved in quality control discussion. I also have support from my colleagues.

Why are you happy to be at Trickstuff?

The atmosphere is great, serious at work and friendly at the same time. During my one-day trial period, I had the feeling that I was already part of the team.

Working on such products is interesting and challenging. We have high quality standards and our common interest in delivering the best to customers makes every day different. When you talk about the bike as a passion and work, everything becomes easier and more fun.

Falco always by the side.

What do you have for a bike?

I have the fastest enduro bike for the uphills! I have a Pivot Firebird with the XTR/XT team build base. It flies uphill and floats downhill. I also have an enduro hardtail that I use for commuting and as a road bike.

What is the intended purpose of your bike?

It can do everything. It’s efficient on the climbs, withstands rough terrain, is fun in the bike park and is light enough for all-mountain use.

Spec of your bike?

Pivot Firebird, size M
Fox 38 Factory/Fox X2
XT drivetrain (cheaper than XTR)
DT Swiss XM1700
Bike Yoke Revive 213mm
And of course Trickstuff Direttissima brakes with Dächle Disc UL Ø203mm

What is special about your bike?

The Firebird is a huge bike. I wavered between size M and L. I chose M to have a shorter bike that is easy to handle in tight corners. It’s always ready for a ride, as I am.

Thank you for your time,  Gurvan!