By 23. Oktober 2023Bikes 'n' Parts

Who are you and what do you do at Trickstuff?

I am Martin, “der Schwede“, who has come from the dark north to break brakes like nobody has been breaking brakes before. In more professional terms: I am the first dedicated full time testing engineer at Trickstuff whose job it is to push our components to their limits and ensure that our brakes are as reliable as one should expect. It is a fascinating role where I not only have the chance to be amazed by the capabilities of modern bike brakes and components, but also to unravel the fine details of the mechanical principles that determine the difference between a fantastic and a terrible brake.

Why are you happy to be at Trickstuff / What makes Trickstuff stand out as an employer?

Apart from all the MTB technology I get to enjoy at work (the sole reason I studied engineering by the way), my colleagues and our common interest in making awesome bike parts are without a doubt the most significant reasons why Trickstuff is such a great place. There is never a lack of interest in after work rides or spending (maybe a little long sometimes) time chatting about dream bike tech. I can happily say that the Trickstuff team shattered all my, let’s say not so flattering, prejudice about German humor and lack of passion.


What do you have for a bike?

Now to my bike, my ever loyal friend and my tool for fun! My Commencal Meta SX is the bike for a place like Freiburg and the type of bike I have always wanted. Something to get me up the hill and something to make the downhill a blast. It may not be the fastest, the lightest or the prettiest, but it is the most fun bike I have owned. It would have been cool to have it in British racing green though.

What is special about your bike?

My bike spec philosophy is to spend the money on components that make a difference, like suspension and brakes while the other stuff that will just wear or break should be cheap. Trickstuff Direttissimas, Intend suspension and a Deore 11-speed drivetrain is therefore a perfect spec. in my eyes. What sets my bike apart from all others is the purple twin tube adjustable coil shock. This is something I was super excited to develop with Cornelius (Intend) as part of my master thesis. It didn’t make it to production though so now I am riding the only one of its kind and use it as the perfect suspension development platform.


Thanks for your time, Martin!